First Blog !!

There was always this wish or you can call it interest , to tell the world few things i gained (learned) from 25 years on earth. Not just an outlet , but something that would also make me feel full. Bring people like me closer to me and all that.. So this blog should  be about myself , I am like any normal person . I dont have excess intelligence nor I have super natural powers ( wish I had) . Just like any girl whom you can see everywhere. Not super talkative but not a huge introvert. My major area of interest is watching Hollywood movies , that too something that has lots of animation and all the extravaganza . I can see animations for whole day without getting bored ( which my mom hate ) . On a normal day you can see me sitting and thinking , never wonder what I am thinking about , it will be mostly about supernatural and extra terrestrial things ( I'm silly ) :D I love to be a social bee , but I hate talking (what !?). This blog is not to gain any profit , but just to reco